Is poker gambling addiction

Is poker gambling addiction 4 in 1 casino table

You know justify things in your mind and all that.

All I was really saying from the gamblnig is we don't need to bash the guy who clearly said he has a problem. I feel so fucking bad for him, but man, you will bounce back. One could argue that they are one in the same. Online it's possible since you can self-exclude from the gambling games and set limits to how high you can play, so that can keep you from doing stupid things with your roll. Person with the most at addlction end wins. Bronson was down and out once too.

Hi, my name is Tom and I'm a gambling addict. That's how I I discovered and fell in love with poker two years ago. Since then, a lot of things. I've been playing poker for 6 months. When I first started playing I never interested in the money, I wanted to figure out how people beat a game. Am I OK with playing poker in a casino that offers games of chance to people in a casino where some problem gamblers are ruining their lives?